Monday, May 4, 2015

So, I *Deserve* This Shit?

I got up this morning, did all the usual morning things, walked out the door to drive my husband to work because we only have one car and my daughter's boyfriend needed it to go to a job interview this afternoon, and there it was:

I'd like to think the trail of dog shit leading from the top of our driveway all the way to our front step isn't anything personal, but really? I can't imagine a dog did that on their own. For anyone who believes in Karma I'd like to point out that the night before last we put out a fire in our neighbor's yard while they were fast asleep. A big fire, a fire that could have caused a lot of damage for at least three homes in the neighborhood, including ours. I don't think our reward for that is dog poop on our front step. I don't think we get a reward for putting out that fire. We didn't expect one, we just did what needed to be done. 

I also don't think we deserve dog shit on our front step. Obviously someone does, but that's not what I'm contemplating at the moment. Right now I'm fixating on the word deserve. People toss that word around a lot and I find it annoying at best. "No one deserves this/that/whatever more than you." "You deserve better."  "They've worked hard and they deserve the luxuries they have."

"Poor people are lazy, they don't deserve help." "Poor people feel they are entitled, but they really don't deserve anything." "You get what you deserve."

I disagree. You get what you get. Some people work hard and are successful. Some people work even harder and live in poverty. Some people inherit great amounts of money so they can afford a lavish lifestyle, other people work for every penny they ever get. And yes, on average people who are successful have worked hard, but I assure you that, on average, people who are poor work at least as hard or even harder.

And while my yard is over grown and there is moss covering my leaky roof, we are the family that feeds the neighbor's cats when the neighbor's can't be bothered, we are the family that puts out fires, we are the family that struggles with physical and financial limitations that prevent us from keeping up our house in the way we'd prefer, and probably that our neighbor's would prefer. But really, I can't think of one reason why we deserve to have dog poop dumped on our front porch. Then again, I don't think that's something anyone deserves.

So now, before I go wash dishes I will go clean dog shit off my front porch. Gee thanks to whomever decided to gift me with that task. I hope you are kinder to your dog than you are to other humans. I'm sorry that you and your life are such that you decided that doing something mean to someone else would make you feel better. I hope your life is less shitty in the near future, not because you deserve it, but just because I wish that for everyone who is struggling.

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