Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Can Be Hard

It's Mother's Day. For many people it's a day of warm fuzzies, love and appreciation. For many other people it is a really hard day. It is a day of longing, pain, and disappointment. Some people mourn the children they've never had, others mourn the mothers they wish they'd had. People who had nurturing mothers may mourn the passing of a precious person who they miss every day. Other's feel guilty because they are relieved their mother is no longer around. There are mothers who feel painfully unappreciated or those who are still so desperately trying to keep up with caring for their babies and small children that they don't have time for so much as a celebratory cup of tea.

I can't begin to list all the reasons people struggle on Mother's Day. It's a difficult day for a whole lot of people: mothers, fathers, children, and those who have never been mothers.

Some Days are Hard, holidays are often those days. If you are struggling today I wish I could give you a hug, bake you some cookies, and listen while you talk about your feelings. Remember, there are no wrong feelings. Feel your feelings, write a letter about your feelings, write a little to your mother, your child, or your younger self and tuck it into a secret box or burn it, draw a picture, buy yourself a plant and a pretty pot, yell, cry, dance.  Allowing yourself to feel your feelings is an important part of taking care of yourself. 

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